Home Ventilators

ResMed Lumis 150 VPAP ST
ResMed Stellar 150
ResMed Astral 150

Suction Machines

askir suction machine
Foot/Pedal Suction Unit
Aspira Go

Oximetry Monitors

Eden pulse oximeter
Eden Handheld H100
Finger oximeter
Finger Oximeter
Nellcor PM100N
Nellcor Bedside SpO₂ Patient Monitoring System


Humidifier MR810
Fisher & Paykel MR810
Humidifier MR850
Fisher & Paykel MR850

External Battery

Resmed power station battery
ResMed RPSII Battery Pack

Oxygen Concentrators Machines

OxyPure 5L Oxygen Concentrator
Oxlife Independence
Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrator


Pari TurboBoy SX
Pari JuniorBoy SX
Pari Sinus
Pari eFlow Raid

Masks and Accessories

We offer a wide range of masks from the worlds leading brands to fit all shapes and sizes – view online here

For the patient with low CPAP pressures wanting a lightweight minimalist mask, there is the nasal pillows option. For the more traditional non-mouth-breather patient we offer an extensive range of nasal CPAP masks. And for the claustrophobic mouth-breathers we offer all sizes of the ever popular full-face mask.

Please call your local SleepNet office today for a full list of the accessories we supply, these include but are not limited to: tracheostomies, suction filters and catheters, HME filters, nebuliser masks, nasal cannulas, disposable and permanent oximetry probes, gauze, gloves, trache cleaner, trache tape, trache dressings, speaking valves, resuscitators.