For more than 100 years, PARI has been manufacturing solutions for people suffering from respiratory diseases in the form of efficient, reliable inhalation devices.

In the spirit of tradition and innovation PARI combines ideas, experience, expertise and the latest technologies to create high-quality products for all aspects of respiratory disease therapy, for today and for the future.

The result is a comprehensive range of solutions designed to combat disease and to maintain the health of the upper and lower airways. The range is constantly being expanded.

Precisely targeted and optimised for different age groups and target areas, the PARI product range offers effective aids in the inhalation treatment of an enormous variety of pathogens and symptoms.

pari juniorboy


PARI JuniorBOY SX is ideal for treating babies as young as one month as effectively as possible. It can be used to treat illnesses such as bronchial asthma, allergic asthma as well as acute and chronic bronchitis.

The configuration and aerosol properties of PARI JuniorBOY SX have been specially adapted to meet the special needs of small patients.

The PARI LC SPRINT Junior Nebuliser which is delivered with the PARI JuniorBOY SX generates particularly small aerosol droplets. As the lower airways of children are narrower than is the case with adults, this is necessary to deliver a therapeutically effective dose to the lungs.

A baby mask for the treatment of babies and small children is supplied also. The flexible connection piece furthermore can be used to position the soft, well-fitting mask. Therefore it enables a comfortable and effective inhalation either sitting or lying down. A mouth piece is supplied for use by children from 3 years on.

pari turboboy


PARI TurboBOY SX is ideal for the treatment of the lower airways in children, youths and adults. It can be used to treat illnesses such as bronchial asthma, allergic asthma as well as acute and chronic bronchitis.

  • Short inhalation time – less than 5 min. (with salbutamol) for 2.5 ml Inhalation Solution
  • PARI LC SPRINT Nebuliser ensures efficient lung deposition even with short inhalation times
  • The nebuliser is easy to use – even for the youngest children
  • With masks for children and adults

The PARI LC SPRINT nebuliser which is delivered with the PARI TurboBOY SX ensures efficient lung deposition and correspondigly short inhalation times.

For those patients for whom treatment with a mouthpiece is not suitable, comfortable masks for both children and adults are included in the package.

pari eflow


The eFlow rapid nebuliser system is an innovative appliance for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Throughout its development, particular care was taken to consider patients' needs for efficient, safe, and above all fast inhalation treatment.

With a time saving of more than 50% and its noiseless - thus unobtrusive - operation, the eFlow rapid can be beneficial to cystic fibrosis patients. With the eFlow rapid, medications that have been approved for inhalation can be transported deep into the lungs quickly and efficiently. The eFlow rapid is suitable for all medications that have been approved for use and are available throughout Europe. It also offers worldwide portability and unparalleled hygiene reliability.

pari sinus


The PARI SINUS is a unique nebuliser system for the treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis.  Saline solutions and medications prescribed for the treatment of your sinusitis are turned into a fine mist, or “aerosol”. 

What makes the aerosol created by PARI SINUS unique is the fact that it pulsates, a significant difference because it is the pulsation that enables the saline solution or medication to actually reach your paranasal sinuses.

Nebulising a saline solutions with the PARI SINUS mobilises secretion. If a prescribed antibiotic or steroid is nebulised instead, infections and inflammations can also be effectively treated with this therapy option. The result is a reduction in the symptoms of sinusitis as well as an improvement in quality of life1,2