SleepNet is a distributor of the Natus product range in South Africa. We offer comprehensive neurodiagnostic and monitoring solutions, including ICU, EP, EEG, EMG, TCD, IOM, Sleep, Long-term Monitoring, and Functional Brain Mapping. We supply all related disposables and provide the necessary connectivity and review solutions.

Embla MPR PG and ST(+) Proxy

Embla MPR and ST PRoxy

The Embletta MPR heralds a new standard in sleep diagnostics. The only fully modular, Level IV to Level I sleep monitoring device on the market, Embletta MPR can be configured exactly to your diagnostic needs and upgraded as your clinical requirements change.

The Embletta Multi Parameter Recording Family

The Scalable Sleep System that Grows with Your Needs

  • Scalable from Level IV to Full Level I PSG
  • Multi-Night Recording for HST
  • LCD Screen for Patient Set-Up, Signal Quality Check & Viewing Traces
  • Bio-Sensor Auto Start
  • RemLogic Software Included*
  • Hi-Quality Microphone (optional)
  • TX Proxy Adds Wireless Interface for DC Devices


Nicolet Viking Quest

An efficient and reliable portable EMG solution

For years, the VikingQuest, a reliable and efficient system, has proven to be the most widely used and trusted system in the field of electromyography. Simple to operate, it provides functionality and connectivity to existing systems and is a perfect extension to any clinical practice.


  • Portable or desktop configurations for NCS, EMG and EP exams
  • Quality data you can trust
  • Customizable reports to fit your needs
  • Proven work flow for fast exams
  • Easily communicates with information systems

UltraPro S100

Ultrapro S100

Continuing Excellence in Electrodiagnostic Systems

Reliability, Performance, Portability

  • Three channel amplifier that allows for electrodes to remain in place, accommodating the most common modalities
  • Triple programmable foot-switch supports hands-free operation, and a (motor, sensory, needle EMG)
  • Lightweight system that travels easily in a roller case or can be cart mounted

High Quality

  • All-in-one electrodiagnostic system with dedicated controls
  • Integrated stimulators 
  • Exceptional audio
  • Low noise levels for exceptional signal quality

Nicolet vEEG


The NicoletOne™ Neurodiagnostic system is a flexible and robust system specifically designed to provide leading EEG/LTM solutions. This system offers sophisticated features and exceptional quality to meet the needs of all clinicians and provides ease of use, exceptional video synchronization and an optimized patient/workflow management system.

The Nicolet® Ambulatory EEG combines unparalleled patient comfort and mobility with robust signal quality for a wide range of recording needs. Functional brain mapping may be achieved through the use of our Cortical Stimulator either in the stand alone mode or seamlessly integrated with the NicoletOne EEG acquisition software.

Whether performing routine procedures or complex recordings, the system ensures high quality patient care through it's comprehensive acquisition and review software with analysis applications. As your technological leader, you can rely on our service, connectivity expertise and support to assist you in achieving your clinical, operational, financial and research goals.

  • Cortical Stimulation device, integrated software and report
  • Video and EEG synchronization within 30 msec
  • Comprehensive library of integrated EEG signal processing trends and seizure detection 

Please call your local SleepNet office today for a full list of Natus Neurology Neurodiagnostic supplies.

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