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Oxygen supply

Our convenient and reliable oxygen supply allows you to breathe easy with our seamless delivery and exceptional customer service.
We work with your medical aid to obtain necessary authorization for funding of home oxygen supply.

Oxygen Supply Devices

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that helps deliver a concentrated supply of oxygen to individuals who require supplemental oxygen therapy. It takes in room air, filters out nitrogen, and delivers purified oxygen through a nasal cannula or oxygen mask. Oxygen concentrators are commonly used at home or in healthcare settings to provide a consistent and adjustable flow of oxygen to patients with respiratory conditions or low blood oxygen levels. They offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to oxygen cylinders or tanks, as they can generate oxygen continuously without the need for refills.

We offer both 5 litre and 10 litre oxygen concentrators to rent or purchase.

Oxygen concentrators are dependent on electricity so alternative power solutions need to be considered should there be power outages.

A portable oxygen concentrator (POC) is a compact and lightweight medical device designed to provide oxygen therapy on the go. Unlike traditional stationary oxygen concentrators, which are larger and intended for home use, portable oxygen concentrators offer greater mobility and freedom for patients with respiratory conditions. POCs are battery-operated and feature a smaller size, allowing users to move around, travel, and engage in various activities while still receiving the necessary oxygen support. They utilize the same principle as stationary concentrators by extracting and purifying oxygen from room / ambient air, delivering it to the patient through a nasal cannula or oxygen mask. Portable oxygen concentrators provide convenience and flexibility, enabling users to maintain an active lifestyle while managing their oxygen needs.
Oxygen cylinders are compressed gas containers that hold medical-grade oxygen. Oxygen cylinders are made of durable materials such as aluminium or steel and are available in various sizes, ranging from small portable cylinders to larger ones used in healthcare facilities. The cylinders are filled with oxygen under high pressure, and a regulator is attached to control the flow of oxygen to the patient. Oxygen cylinders are commonly used when a portable oxygen concentrator is not available or when a higher flow rate of oxygen is required. They provide a readily available supply of oxygen but need to be refilled or replaced when the oxygen inside is depleted.
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