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We understand the importance of a good night's sleep for overall well-being. Our extensive range of state-of-the-art sleep diagnostic equipment is designed to help healthcare professionals accurately assess and diagnose sleep disorders.


From portable polysomnography systems to sleep apnea screening devices, we offer reliable and user-friendly sleep diagnostic equipment that deliver accurate results. Our equipment is sourced from leading manufacturers in the industry, ensuring exceptional quality and performance. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to provide healthcare providers with the tools they need to improve patient care and sleep health.

Nox A1 PSG System

The Nox A1s is a small and lightweight PSG device that shows reliable, high-quality signals, and is designed for an easy hookup experience and patient comfort. The Nox A1s PSG System has dual-purpose flexibility for in-lab and ambulatory sleep studies.

Key features

  • Wireless Sensors: Unlike traditional PSG systems, the Nox A1’s wireless hookup design eliminates the discomfort and inconvenience of being tethered to the bed. The system’s wireless design allows patients to move freely while undergoing testing.
  • Noxturnal Software & App: The Noxturnal Software System unleashes the full potential of the Nox A1s PSG System offering multiple automatic analysis, scoring, and advanced reporting tools. The Noxturnal App offers bedside control with bio-calibration, impedance checks, reviewing signal quality, and viewing of live traces.
  • The Nox SAS Solution: The Nox SAS solution is a new, flexible way to record EEG, ECG and EMG data during polysomnography sleep studies conducted with the Nox A1s. The solution can be applied in the sleep lab or at the patient’s home and comes with wireless connectivity, so the patients are never tethered to the bed.

Nox T3s HST Device

Introducing the next generation home sleep testing device, the Nox T3s™. The device is based on the popular Nox T3, which has for many become the standard for HST. Among changes in the new Nox T3s are the refined Nox RIP Technology with 200Hz sampling frequency and the new Bluetooth® platform, BLE 5.0, facilitating lower energy consumption and much more . The Nox T3s system was designed keeping the patient in mind. The focus is on patient comfort, as well as the size and weight of the device to be ergonomic.

Key Features

  • Nox BodySleep™ sleep time estimation from HST using breathing parameters*
    Refined Nox RIP technology can be used as a primary flow measurement
  • Improved Bluetooth technology extending the battery life for multiple night studies
  • Built-in sensors for snoring, EKG, EMG & EEG
  • Cutting Edge analysis in Noxturnal Software empowered by artificial intelligence

Embletta® MPR Sleep System

The foundation of the Embletta MPR Sleep System is the Embletta MPR, a fourth generation ambulatory sleep recorder designed to be reliable and easy to use when testing for sleep disorders and offers 7 channels of data. The LCD on the device facilitates signal quality checks at the bedside, without a computer, for at home or in lab sleep studies.

Key features

  • Scalable channel configurations
  • Bio-Sensor Auto Start
  • Operates on two AA batteries
  • Multi-night recordings
  • Can be programmed for scheduled recordings
  • At home sleep study or in lab sleep study use

Polypro H2 Series

With its portable appearance and simple operation, the H2 series will give sleep workers a new experience. The sleep monitoring system complies with the AASM standards and can realize multi-level applications such as sleep breathing monitoring, routine and scientific research of multi-channel sleep monitoring (PSG), determination of treatment plan and sleep scientific research, so as to meet different clinical monitoring needs.

Key Features

  • portable appearance,
  • multiple configurations,
  • AASM standards,
  • real-time monitoring,
  • professional analysis software,
  • real-time CPAP titration.
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