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Home Ventilation

For someone who is dependent on a machine to breathe, every breath is precious! Through the Home Ventilation Program we enable technology dependent patients to live safely at home.

Home Ventilation Program

We provide equipment that is robust, reliable, and specifically tailored for the home environment. Our Home Ventilation team consists of both clinical and product specialists who are dedicated to supplying equipment that is clinically appropriate for each patient. We look after adult and paediatric patients and are on standby 24/7 to offer product back-up and aftercare support. We have good relationships with medical schemes in South Africa and help our patients with claiming all the disposable items and accessories needed for their care.

Caring for a patient with a tracheostomy requires specialized equipment, attention to detail, compassion, patience, and vigilance. The caregiver must ensure the tracheostomy tube is clean and secure, regularly suctioning the secretions to maintain clear airways. Monitoring for any signs of infection or obstruction is crucial, as is providing adequate humidification and monitoring oxygen levels. Additionally, proper communication techniques, such as writing or using a communication device, are essential to ensure effective interaction.

We provide all the priority equipment as well as disposable and accessory items needed to maintain an open, moist airway.

Caring for a patient receiving mask-assisted ventilation involves utilizing specific equipment to ensure their comfort and safety. Essential items include a ventilator or positive airway pressure machine, a properly fitted mask, and tubing to deliver pressurized air. Additionally, a humidifier may be necessary to prevent dryness and irritation of the airways. Monitoring devices, such as pulse oximeters and capnography equipment, help assess oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide levels.

We provide a variety of leading brand ventilator devices, masks and accessory items ensuring that all our patients clinical needs are considered for effective therapy compliance.

Our invasively ventilated patients receive respiratory ventilation via a tracheostomy tube. These technology dependent patients have a critical need for ventilation equipment that is robust and reliable.

We supply only the world’s leading brands when it comes to life support ventilators and all equipment is carefully backed-up with battery or manual support equipment.


Home Ventilation DEVICES

Resmed AirCurve 10 VAuto


Non-Invasive-Ventilation, also known as mask assisted ventilation refers to the administration of ventilator support without the use of an invasive artificial airway like a tracheostomy or endo-tracheal tube.

We provide a wide range of NIV devices each designed to provide a certain level of support. Your doctor will determine the level of support required and an appropriate device will then be recommended.

Resmed astral 100

Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation (IPPV)

Invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation, also known as mechanical ventilation refers to the administration of ventilator support with the use of an invasive artificial airway like a tracheostomy or endo-tracheal tube.

Patients requiring IPPV are often dependent on the ventilator device for life support. It is therefore essential that the equipment be robust and reliable with at least 2- 4 hours of internal battery back-up.


Accessories we supply, but not limited to:
  • tracheostomies
  • suction filters
  • catheters
  • HME filters
  • nebuliser masks
  • nasal cannulas
  • disposable oximetry probes
  • permanent oximetry probes
  • gauze
  • gloves
  • trache cleaner
  • trache tape
  • trache dressings
  • speaking valves
  • resuscitators
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