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Good to Better: SleepNet-BreatheNet’s Journey to Obtaining ISO 13485 Certification

SleepNet-BreatheNet, a renowned market leader in providing medical equipment and comprehensive aftercare to patients requiring respiratory support, has once again set a new benchmark. They have become one of the first companies in South Africa to achieve ISO 13485 certification, solidifying their position at the forefront of the industry. This is our remarkable journey. For […]

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CMASA Conference 2024

SleepNet / BreatheNet was delighted to participate in the highly successful CMASA (Case Managers Association of South Africa) conference held from 24th to 26th April, 2024, in the vibrant city of Cape Town. The theme of the conference was “Stronger Together” and under this banner CMASA is certainly advancing impressively with promise for continued recognition

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Being bionic

In science fiction movies, a bionic person is someone who has special powers, such as the strength of 100 men or the ability to run at the speed of a bullet, because parts of their body have been replaced by electronic machinery. In real life, people who are dependent on electronic machinery to perform certain

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Can poor sleep make you fat?

Several studies published in the past decade have focused on the association between reduced sleep and weight gain in healthy individuals and in in particular in middle aged woman. Some possible explanations for this include: Too much sleep may not be the best answer, as it’s not just the quantity of sleep, but the quality

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Pandemonium in the bedroom

When counting sheep is not enough! I remember the good old days when going to sleep was quite simple; brush teeth, PJs on, maybe read a few pages of your current book and then lights out and off to dreamland. Sleep was necessary and yet seemed uncomplicated  Now-days sleep is a hot topic. The New

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