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Deo Volente Health Foundation Donation.

Recently we had the privilege of bringing some light and love to a patient in desperate need of medical equipment. Through our NPO, Deo Volente Health Foundation, we donated a much-needed suction unit to Mrs Nokanwe Tsitsa, a patient admitted to Groote Schuur Hospital. Mrs Tsitsa could not be discharged home without this suction unit, which is used to keep her artificial airway free from secretions. As this equipment is not something covered by State benefits, she was destined for a long stay in hospital. Renowned ENT surgeon Prof Darlene Lubbe alerted us to her patient’s plight on the morning of Tuesday 11th August and our Home Ventilation Team immediately went into action and pulled off a same-day delivery. We wish Mrs Tsitsa good health as she finally heads home.

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